Imagine that you are on your computer working when suddenly all of the lights go out and the computer shuts down. After a few minutes the power is restored. You reboot your computer only to find that an error message appears. It tells you that a fatal error occurred and that some important data is lost. Don’t let this happen to you! Call ENACCS Today.

Onsite Data Backup

ENACCS understands the importance of backing up important company data. No matter how efficient a computer system appears to be, there is always the possibility of a malfunction wiping out valuable data. For this reason, ENACCS has backup solutions designed to recover lost data.

There are both onsite and offsite backup options, and both have certain advantages and disadvantages.

Onsite storage usually entails storing important data on a periodic basis on local storage devices, such as backup servers, hard drives, DVDs, magnetic tapes, etc. Offsite storage requires storing important data on a remote server, usually via the Internet, although it can also be done via direct access.

Onsite storage has some advantages over offsite storage, including:

  • Immediate access to data
  • Less expensive
  • Internet access not needed

Offsite Data Backup

However, onsite storage has one distinct disadvantage over offsite storage. In the event of a catastrophic event, onsite data storage can be destroyed. For example, if there is a fire in the building, or a water main bursts, the onsite backup servers and drives can lose all the data that has been collected on them. In addition, onsite storage units can also be stolen, resulting in a loss of time, money, and data.

Offsite storage has some advantages over onsite storage, including:

  • Access to data from any location, via Internet or FTP
  • Data will be preserved in the event of an event taking place within the business
  • Backup data can be shared with a number of different remote locations

When it comes to making a choice between onsite and offsite backup options, it is usually a matter of preference. Some individuals prefer being able to monitor and keep track of their valuable data, and will often use onsite protection. Others, however, will choose to allow offsite servers to maintain the data, until such time as it is needed.

Then again, by installing an ENACCS Unlimited Data Backup solution you can have the most secure system without any data lost, it is possible to adopt an onsite-offsite solution. By having both onsite and offsite backup used in conjunction with each other, a problem in one side of the equation can be offset by recovery from the other side.

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