Network Infrastructure Services

Premise Wiring
Equipment Setup
Network Monitoring
Disaster Recovery Planning
Network Infrastructure Designs & Installs
Network Support / Maintenance
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Premise Wiring

A structured cabling system provides a platform upon which an overall information system strategy is built. We design and build flexible cabling infrastructures nationwide. ENACCS specializes in structured cabling systems that support multiple voice, data, video and multimedia systems regardless of their manufacturer. We are a “one stop shop” for all your organization network infrastructure needs. We will help you evaluate, design and install the best network for your company.

Copper Infrastructure Cabling Solutions

Independently verified screened and unscreened data communication structured cabling solutions, providing ultimate performance and reliability for today’s and tomorrow's copper infrastructure requirements. Our Cat 5 (Cat 5e) or Cat 6 solutions will exceed the TIA (Telecommunications Industry Association) standards.

Fiber Optic Cabling Solutions

We design conventional and blown fibre (fiber) cabling solutions that compliment the deployment of optical solutions deeper into the network delivering a future-proof infrastructure.

Equipment Setup

A Certified ENACCS architect will perform a complementary hardware assessment and then deliver a network implementation plan. It will include a cost effective and rock-solid network design plan that is scalable for future growth. Your equipment is the heart of your network, it’s crucial to build it with the right hardware and software custom tailored to your companies computing needs. Let us handle your technology, so you can handle your business.

Professional Network Monitoring

ENACCS Professional Network Monitoring provides your business with 24×7 network monitoring and automated alert services with access to a web-based portal to view the current health of your network. Here you can view the current status of network elements, the list of events that may have occurred, reports, and trending.

Elite Network Monitoring

ENACCS Elite Network Monitoring takes the professional offering one step further by providing the supervision and support for your network monitoring events. ENACCS Network Operations Center (NOC) monitors and analyzes each event 24x7x365 to help protect your business from critical network failures. ENACCS experienced engineers will identify the failure, investigate, and recommend a permanent fix. Instead of just an automated notification, you are contacted directly by an ENACCS engineer when a network element fails.

Network Monitoring

ENACCS Network Monitoring Services provide proactive monitoring of your business critical network equipment with problem detection and notification.

Features and Benefits of Network Monitoring

  • Saves time, increases efficiency and eases network planning by viewing performance trends and analysis
  • Simplifies and extends network management with centralized monitoring of all designated elements, allowing your staff to focus on more strategic initiatives
  • Provides rapid detection of error conditions through 24x7x365 notification
  • Web-based management tool allows you to:
    • Organize your network hardware information in one place for asset management tracking (such as IP address, MAC, manufacturer, model, operating system, location, and status)
    • Access your network element status anywhere with an Internet connection
    • View the current health and status of network elements and any events that may have occurred.
    • Conduct up/down polling for nodes, ports and links/circuits
    • Set up to specialized SNMP traps per device (i.e. process polling on servers)
    • Run reports on the nodes, elements or other network elements being monitored
    • Use analysis tools to review current and historical performance data. Trending can also assist in budget planning for devices trending downward in performance over extended time.

ENACCS will work with your business to understand your network environment and critical elements, then build a solution with you to achieve optimal network performance.

Network Support & Maintenance

A network support and maintenance plan keeps your business running smoothly by ensuring:

  • Minimal interruptions to your daily activities
  • Speedy recovery from unavoidable issues
  • Dedicated engineers to assist you on-site
  • Protection from viruses and unwanted intruders
  • Installation of the latest software, firewalls and virus definitions
  • Test backup restores of important files
  • Stable functionality with regular system status checks
  • Rapid replacement of failed hardware

Network problems are costly and disruptive to your daily business activities. A network support and maintenance plan provides the proactive support you need to sustain a dependable and reliable network

Plus, We Offer

Disaster Recovery Planning
Disasters come in many sizes. What will happen if your file or email server crashes? What if there is a fire and all your equipment is destroyed? Are you prepared? Can you recover quickly? Are you backing up regularly? Do you have current data stored offsite? How long will it take you to recover when a disaster strikes? Every computer owner has to know the answers to these questions and more. We can provide the answers for you.
ENACCS Secure Support
Save time and trouble by connecting to our ENACCS Secure Support Team to invite ENACCS to your home or office. Within seconds a certified specialist has the ability to take control of your desktop and either through an online chat or a phone call you can walk a specialist through your problem or question while you watch them work. Over 80% of support issues are resolved by “ENACCS Secure Support"