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ENACCS Communications Quality of Service Statement

When businesses choose to move to VoIP for telephony service, it is critical for the telecommunications company to have a High Availability (HA) telephony network in order to provide the reliable and trusted level of service that will be expected. There must be no single point of failure in the network and be possible to modify network hardware and software without stopping operations. The network wiring, connectivity, switches, and routers must be fully redundant. Most importantly, call quality and flexibility must be paramount.

Why Choose ENACCS

ENACCS phone service provides super clear voice quality and comes with the ENACCS VoIP PBX at no extra charge. You can use your existing analog phones with an analog telephone adapter (ATA) or use VoIP phones. Our phone service is available to businesses and residential customers anywhere in the world with no restricted areas. If your phone numbers or DID’s are costing you more than $20.00 a month without a PBX, it’s time to switch to ENACCS.

ENACCS Smart Phone Service

With your smart phone you can make cheap VoIP calls anytime anywhere. Make calls to any country you desire at the cheapest rates. ENACCS Digital Phone Service is currently supported on iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone. Simply download any free SIP supported softphone app from your APP market and contact ENACCS. Saving on your cell phone calling plan was never this easy!

International Phone Numbers

With ENACCS, you are no longer tied to a phone number from your area code/location. Our phone service is available worldwide, and you can choose any international DID phone number or Virtual Number. Choose a phone number in your local calling area or select a number from our list of international virtual numbers located across the world

Calling Card Access Numbers

Local Calling Card Access Numbers

Call anywhere in the world from any phone in the world and use your ENACCS plan by calling an Area Code Calling Card Access Number.

Sip Trunking
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Sip Termination
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